Venus Williams’ Favourite Workout Is Surprisingly Simple To Recreate At Home

What do 4 Olympic medals, 44 singles titles, 7 grand slams and a 35-match winning streak have in common? Venus ‘The Weapon’ Williams. Yup, the woman is a dead-set legend both on and off the court. But to put her career success down to natural talent (or genetics) alone would be doing her a huge disservice.

Venus trains hard – not just at the net, but at the gym too. And there’s one type workout in particular that helps her stay on top of her game: strength training.

“Strength training is empowering,” she told Well + Good. “You feel better than your best when you nail a workout. It’s that victory mindset that drives you on your fitness journey – whether you’re hitting the court or not. I always say you have to be an eleven out of ten, and strength training makes you feel that way.”

She’s also big on mixing things up. “No two workouts are the same for me – I’m always on the go travelling or in tournament mode so my workouts depend on what I need to put the focus on,” she said. “I don’t have a go-to routine in the gym but I like it that way. Some days it’s all about plyo. On other days, I like a good Vinyasa flow. You have to add variety to workouts.”

And despite having access to all the best facilities and trainers around, her all-time fave move is one that can be done anywhere, anytime.

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“I’ve got to praise the plank here. It helps you build a strong core and comes in handy when the weather heats up again,” she explained. “Add variations to your plank to help you get the most out of it.”

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