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Stress has a negative impact on the blood sugar level

In a recent study, a connection between the stress hormone Cortisol and higher blood sugar was found to be reflected in people with type 2 Diabetes. What can be done by concerned people, in order to reduce your Stress?

In the case of a joint investigation by the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and Ohio State University College of Medicine, it was found that Cortisol has a significant influence on the blood sugar levels in people with type 2 Diabetes. The results were published in the English journal “psychoneuroendocrinology”.

Cortisol rises in the morning and falls in the evening

In healthy people, Cortisol varies during the day in a natural way, where it rises in the morning, strong and in the evening drops. But in people with type 2 Diabetes, flat course were connected to the end Profile of Cortisol, with higher glucose levels, report the researchers.

What is the role of Stress and depression play?

Previous research work have already shown that Stress and depression are two of the main reasons for a flatter Cortisol profile. This complicates the control of blood sugar and dealing with type 2 Diabetes significantly. Therefore, it is for people with type 2 Diabetes is so important that you find ways to reduce stress to.

Mindfulness can help reduce Stress

The research group began a new study to examine whether mindfulness practices can lower blood sugar in people with type 2 Diabetes. But this is not removal is the only effective Form of Stress and, therefore, the researchers attempted to identify Stress, further depleting activities, to integrate them into the daily Routine.

Further research is already in progress

The relationship between Cortisol and glucose levels was only observed in individuals with Diabetes. The research group assumes, however, that the stress hormone probably plays an important role in the prevention of Diabetes. Therefore, it is already carried out further research in order to understand the connection between Cortisol and the development of Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Exercise, diet and medications can help

In the case of type 2 Diabetes, the body does not use Insulin properly. Some people can get their blood sugar levels with the help of healthy diet and exercise, however, in the handle, while other people need medications or Insulin to keep their blood sugar levels under control.

Stress reduction important component of diabetes management

Most people with type 2 knowledge of Diabetes, how important regular exercise is for you. In addition, affected individuals should eat a healthy diet and sufficient periods of time to Rest and Relax, pay attention, advise the researchers. Because “the stress reduction is a crucial and often forgotten part of the Diabetesmanagements”, the author of the study Dr. Joshua J. Joseph from The Ohio State Wexner Medical Center’s Diabetes and Metabolism Research Center, in a press release added.

Regardless of whether it is a yoga class, a walk, or reading a book, everything is useful if it is Diabetes can help people affected with type 2, to reduce your Stress. (as)

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