Trisha Goddard health: Keeping fit became star’s priority after battling a deadly disease

Battling breast cancer, back in 2008, led the presenter – who came to fame with daytime chat show Trisha – to lunge into exercise. While undergoing chemotherapy, the 62-year-old claims the drugs made her weight balloon, fuelling her love affair with moving her body.

“Most days I get up at 6am and I have my breakfast, get on my bike, ride 5KM to the park, run between 7 and 10KM, then get back on my 

“I run every single day. I weight train all the time. I love constant physical activity.”

Trisha discovered she had the deadly disease when she went to the health clinic for a routine mammogram.

What’s a mammogram?
A mammogram involves having an X-ray of the breast to detect cancer when it’s too small to see or feel.

Macmillan recommends older women to contact their local screening clinic every three years to arrange a mammogram.

You can find out where your local screening clinic is by asking your GP. Or you can search on the NHS website.

The results of a mammogram are usually posted to your home address two weeks after the breast screening. A copy will also go to your GP.

If you haven’t received the results after two weeks, Macmillan advises people to “phone your breast screening clinic and ask them to check your results”.

Although uncommon, breast cancer can affect younger women too.

Macmillan stresses the importance of knowing “how your breasts feel normally, what to check for and what to do if you’re concerned about a family history of breast cancer”.

If you’re not sure about how to check your breasts, ask your practice nurse or GP for advice. also has an easy five-step guide on how to do a breast examination.

Do note that breasts can feel different at various times of the month and regular checks help you know what is normal for you.

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