This New Guacamole-Flavored Cheese Gets a Permanent Place in Our Fridge

Cinco de Mayo is coming up, and this year our goals are twofold: ban any white people who might show up in a sombrero or who call the day “Cinco de Drinko,” and serve tasty food to my friends. You know what? Both of those shouldn’t be too hard, because it’s a no-brainer to ban racists from Cinco de Mayo parties, and because I just heard about Amanti Guacamole Cheese from The Fresh Market.

What is it? Basically, the perfect party food any time of year. Creamy Dutch gouda is infused with classic guac ingredients (think avocado, lime juice, chili, tomato, onion, and garlic), giving it a green hue and also way more flavor than your usual chunk-o-cheddar.

We can see this cheese faring well simply sliced up and displayed on a charcuterie board, grated and melted over tortilla chips for some seriously delicious nachos, melted into a roux to make an unbeatable cheese sauce, mixed with Oaxaca cheese and grilled peppers and baked until stretchy and ready to be scooped up with warm corn tortillas, or used as the final topper to an epic torta stuffed with your favorite ingredients.

Though Gouda and guac don’t usually appear in the same dishes, we totally get why this Dutch cheese was chosen. Gouda is super creamy and nutty and melts like a dream, but also has a sharp umami flavor that cuts through the richness (and that can stand up to the flavorful add-ins in this specific cheese).

The cheese is sold at The Fresh Market, a North Carolina-based grocery chain with 160 locations in 22 states that celebrates “Fresh. Seasonal. Sensational.” foods. You can get a wedge for $24.99/lb, or go wild and spend your life savings on an entire wheel. Yes, it will take up almost all of the space in your fridge, but chances are it won’t be in there taking up space for too long – it’s that tasty.

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