This $1 Baby Teething Pain Relief Hack Is Practically Genius

Parents are applauding a simple homemade trick to help soothe teething pain.

While there are plenty of products available, one parent has found an easy solution which doesn’t cost a small fortune.

Posting on The Parent Pack Facebook group, the mum uploaded a photo of her using baking paper on a tray and squeezing baby fruit puree from a pouch.

With the meal pouch, the mum created different shapes including simple lines, circles, hearts and stars.

“Squeeze yummy baby pouches onto greaseproof paper on a tray and pop in the freezer for fun, frozen, yummy teethers,” she wrote to the group.

“So soothing on baby gums.”

Baby meal pouches will cost you around $1 from the supermarket, and according to the Manchester Evening News who spotted the trick will make around 25 teething shapes.

Other members of the group were fast to praise the idea, with one writing: “Brilliant idea, great for the little one when he wants one of our ice lollies.”

Another added: “Such a good idea, even for a snack on warm days.”

This article originally appeared on 7News. 

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