These Top 10 Tweets of 2018 Show Us Why GoodRx Users Are the Best

1) People looking out for each other.

Lana Bee on Twitter

Thank you to everyone who recommended @GoodRx I literally found a coupon for my meds for almost $150 cheaper You are all heaven sent and I’m so lucky to have you in my life

2) A pharmacy technician showing off her GoodRx swag.

Lavi on Twitter

huge thank you to @GoodRx for all the neat and very usable gifts

3) A recommendation so glowing that it requires a disclaimer: “This is not an ad.”

Stephanie Weaver on Twitter

I cannot rave enough about @GoodRx! Not only are they saving me HUGE $$ on my prescriptions, their customer service is better than anything I’ve experienced in years. Thanks guys, you rock!! If you have crappy (or no) coverage like I do, check them out. This is not an ad.

4) Making someone’s day by helping them save their patients BIG.

Kayla Humphrey on Twitter

It’s a good day when you save your patients over $1200 in one day using @GoodRx

5) The Newport Beach Veterinary Hospital expertly explaining how to use GoodRx coupons for pet meds.

Newport Beach Vet on Twitter

The @GoodRx Customer Service rocks! Veterinarians don’t have NPI Numbers so if you have a problem with their savings coupon at any pharmacy (like @cvspharmacy) have pharmacist call the number on the coupon to process your money-saving medications. #dogs #cats #veterinary #drugs

6) Speaking of pets… When a tweet turned into a #GoodRxHelps story about an adorable Shih Tzu named Beverly.

Moravian Cookie on Twitter

I learned about @GoodRx through my dog’s veterinarian. It not only saved me on his eye drops, but on my own prescriptions as well. I have the pharmacy check both it and my insurance for the best price. Also, @Publix offers some rx’s for free w/o any discount card needed.

7) Proof that someone thinks we’re funny.

Michael on Twitter

Seriously @GoodRx who writes your app update descriptions?!

8) GoodRx providing lower prices than Medicare.

Patty on Twitter

We were on Medicare & Part D. Husband paid $820/year in premiums & approx $800 co-pays. 2017: Part D paid less than $5 towards his drugs. A drug that he needs was a $52 co-pay (90-day) through Part D. We dropped Part D. NOW, WE PAY NO PREMIUMS, AND WITH @GOODRX, IT COSTS $16!!!

9) A doctor using GoodRx data and insights at work.

Ankita Sagar on Twitter

Thank you @GoodRx for this list of 43 Drugs Going Generic in the Next 5 Years. This list is printed and ready fo review on my table!

10) And finally, this tweet that made all of us laugh out loud.

Thank you for trusting us to help save you money—and for all the tweets! Keep ‘em coming in 2019!

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