The Celeste Barber Makeup Tutorial You Didn’t Know You Needed

She’s known for taking on supermodels in an attempt to recreate their poses, the shot an always hilarious, side-by-side comparison showing just how ridiculous the world of influencer fame and fortune often is. Take, for instance, her latest: a mirror selfie mirroring that of Kendall Jenner, whose string bikini Celeste recreated with the caption: “SKIMS – now with bonus yeast infection.” But in her latest foray, delivering Celeste’s trademark wit and tongue-in-cheek humour, the comedian shared the makeup tutorial you didn’t know you needed.

In an effort to promote cruelty-free and PETA certified cosmetics company, MCo Beauty, Celeste shared to IGTV a makeup tutorial that, in her own words, delivers “absolutely no f*** ups where I prove you don’t need to spend eleventy billion dollars on fancy expensive makeup.”

On one side of her face she uses only luxury products, while on the other she uses MCo Beauty. As Celeste starts off with foundation, she tells viewers to remember to “blend down, because your face ends at your boobs.” Noted. In the comparison shot she exclaims that both look the same, only that if you buy the MCo product, “you can also eat that week.”

When it comes to blending concealer, Celeste might just be the first to go on camera to compare a beauty blender sponge to a butt plug, and honestly we’re not mad about it. And when it comes to lip-balm, the comedian also has some quick tips for all the women out there with newborns. “Remind your husband to tell you if he’s used it on your baby’s bum directly, because you don’t want to be that girl.”

As she does her lipstick, Celeste remarks, “I don’t really have lips so much as a slit underneath my nose.”

Aside from the wisdom, Celeste’s make-up tutorial is a winner in our book. The result is a natural, everyday glow, perfect for all year round and, depending on which side of her face you opt for, one that’s also affordable. Should you be looking to recreate the same look, the products Celeste used from MCo Beauty are the following: Miracle Hydra Glow Oil-Free foundation, Instant camouflage and Contour Concealer, Brow Fill and Set, XTendLash Mascara, Cheeky and Lip Tint, Pout Gloss and Mega Balm All-Over Ointment. 

For more details and product information, visit MCo Beauty’s official website here. 

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