Survived abortion: the Oldenburg Baby dies at the age of 21 years

The “Oldenburg Baby” has become known, Tim is dead. He died on 4. January at the age of 21 years, such as the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” (Tuesday) reported, citing the care of the father. The birth of Tim’s had taken care of 1997 nationwide attention. He was in the 25. Week of pregnancy after a Down syndrome diagnosis abortion and had survived.

Tim remained for nine hours without medical care. The former CDU member of the Bundestag and Deputy Chairman of the Enquete-Commission "Ethics and law of modern Medizin", Hubert Hüppe, had accused the treating physician. The state attorney’s sheep economy was the procedure. In the following years, human rights activists and, in particular, opponents of late-term abortions, such as the "Foundation Yes to Leben" and the "Action right to life for Alle" the birthdays of Tim’s as an occasion for demonstrations. In the media, Tim has been portrayed often.

Tim came to a foster family because the biological parents could not take care of him. As the cause of Tim’s death, his foster-father gave to the newspaper now "long-lasting health Probleme" .

Foster parents wrote the book about Tim

The "Foundation Yes to Leben" said, Tim is still celebrated without any sign on its early death of Christmas and new year’s eve with the family. "We are very sad and don’t know how we live the loss of our unique, colourful and joy-spreading son cope with sollen", the Foundation cited the foster care. The had about their experiences in a book by Kathrin Schadt "Tim lives!" (2015).

The termination of the pregnancy is threatened in Germany, according to the penal code with a prison sentence. Exceptions apply but. So a Pregnant woman can have an abortion within the first twelve weeks after fertilization, when they participated in a pregnancy conflict counselling and a three-day cooling-off period has been adhered to. Over that period of time, a beating criminal remains free, if there is a threat to the life or the physical or mental health of the Pregnant woman, which can only be due to a termination of pregnancy averted.