Spermidine in food: You will benefit from fasting-starving effect without

When fasting we want to cleanse our body by eliminating and get rid of toxic substances. But there is also another way to Detox effect: foods that contain a lot of Spermidine, accelerate cell renewal and stimulate the Regeneration of our body.

Slaven Stekovic is a molecular biologist at the University of Graz and fascinated by the “influence of food on health and the aging process”. The research focus of the 29-year-old scientist is. Together with his professors, Frank Madeo and Tobias Eisenberg, he came of a substance on the track that keeps us young and healthy: Spermidine.

On his Blog, the Austrian researcher explains what he trusts the substance of everything and gives tips on how to stimulate and use.

Spermidine is found in all body cells and in sperm it was first discovered

Spermidine is found in varying concentrations in all cells of the body. An accelerated metabolism allows the concentration to increase, for example through Sport. In the age we have less and less to Spermidine in our cells.

It was first discovered in the 1970s in the male seminal fluid. Thus, Spermidine also came to his name. The main task of the substance is the self-cleaning of the cells. The so-called Autophagy reduces molecular weight of scrap metal in the cells. Through the regular garbage disposal, you will remain fresh and young.

A cell rejuvenation works best by food deprivation, as many people practice fasting. Or, by increasing the Spermidine concentration in the body. Since Spermidine is in a range of food, we reach out to starve the fasting effect.

Good Spermidine-Sources: Cheese, Mushrooms, And Legumes

These foods are especially good for refreshing the cells of the body:

  • Mushrooms and herbs sheep casings
  • Wheat germ and pine nuts
  • Apples, Grapefruit and grapes
  • Mature Cheese
  • Soya beans and chickpeas.

A special role different types of cheeses seems to be needed. Because, also the people of Graz have biologists in their laboratory: the Spermidine in cheese improves the health of the heart and can lead to a longer life. Spermidine-rich food considered the heart of your test rodents flexible and elastic.

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Researchers at the Texas A&M University were fed experimental animals with Cheddar, Brie and Parmesan, and as a result, the development of liver cancer prevented. Even a preventive effect against dementia was found in animal experiments already.

Spermidine capsules against dementia?

Whether Spermidine can also hold in humans, what it promises, has yet to be proven wider. At the Berlin Charité patients with mild dementia in a small study already capsules with Spermidine from wheat germ to swallow. Study Director Agnes Flöel of the Neurological University clinic of Greifswald, says: “We were able to show that memory performance after three months of taking tend to be, with very good tolerability of the capsules.”