Simple hack makes it easier to sleep – and it can make you feel well rested too

Struggling to doze off?

There are several ways to take the pressure off yourself before you get into bed.

And according to expert Andy Puddicombe, meditation is one of them.

The founder of Headspace – a mindfulness app – says taking some time to unwind is advisable.

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Andy told Cosmopolitan : “Feeling less anxious about going to sleep, and being able to create the conditions where the mind can let go and drift off to sleep more easily…

"It doesn’t mean that you won’t come across difficult situations, you will.

“But I think it means that you are less likely to react to them.”

The mindfulness guru recommends getting some meditation in after you wake up.

Not only does this ensure you’re not tired to do it, it also prepares and calms you for the day ahead.

If this wasn’t enough to persuade you to try meditation, a recent study may do the trick.

Research published in the Journal of British Venturing states that ten minutes of mindfulness exercises can make you feel like you’ve had an extra 44 minutes of sleep.

The study's lead author, Charles Munieks, explained: "You can't replace sleep with mindfulness exercises, but they might help compensate and provide a degree of relief.

"As little as 70 minutes a week, or 10 minutes a day, of mindfulness practice may have the same benefits as an extra 44 minutes of sleep a night."

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However, the findings didn't work on people who were tired despite getting enough sleep.

Charles added: "If you're feeling stressed and not sleeping, you can compensate with mindfulness exercises to a point.

"But when you're not low on sleep, mindfulness doesn't improve those feelings of exhaustion."

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