Severe period pain: What can help women with endometriosis

Lecture: endometriosis – an often unrecognized women’s suffering

Although every year around 40,000 women will develop endometriosis, is suffering the woman still unknown to many people. Mainly two things of the Sick: a painful menstruation and an unfulfilled desire to have children.

The disease is often detected late

Endometriosis is one of the most common, benign disease of women in reproductive age. Experts estimate that in Germany every year, around 40,000 women affected. Often the endometriosis is not detected at an early stage – between the Occurrence of first symptoms and the diagnosis is six years pass in this country is about. Concerned suffering pain, under the fierce rule, but also the wish to have children. Dr. Volker Müller, chief physician of the gynecology and gynecologic Oncology at the Diakonie Klinikum Jung-Stilling, Siegen, in, illuminated the topic of “endometriosis – an often unrecognized women’s suffering” in a lecture.

Variety of symptoms

In a communication from the Diakonie in Südwestfalen is declared, is not detected in endometriosis, displaced endometrial where they belong – namely, outside of the uterus.

May occur then, for example, of the Uterus, on the fallopian tubes, but also to rectum, bladder, in the abdominal cavity “and, more rarely, in lung or brain,” explains Dr. Müller.

No matter where in the body the endometrium reaches – the normal cycle of the woman you are with running, which can cause the Affected with various problems.

Patients complain of a variety of symptoms such as migraine, abdominal pain, or Nausea.

According to Dr. Müller, the Diseased two things: a painful menstruation and an unfulfilled desire to have children.

Affected usually have to be operated on

According to the figures, there are some theories about how the disease arises.

An approach is therefore expected, that the mucous membrane are transported away cells from your place of origin, so of the uterine cavity, and elsewhere re-establish themselves. This could happen during the menstrual period.

In addition, the formation of mucus is skin cells outside the uterine cavity. “Also, a genetic predisposition cannot be ruled out,” said Dr. Müller. Endometriosis is diagnosed by laparoscopy.

Is it treated mostly by surgery. Possible drug therapy is also – partly in combination with operative intervention. Their goal is to reduce the levels of Estrogen.

This results in a Lack of the rule results in bleeding. In addition, painkillers – also called analgesics need to be taken according to the physician consistently.

Positive experiences with alternative healing methods

In addition to the conventional medical methods of treatment in endometriosis, especially after surgery, also alternative healing methods are conceivable.

The focus is on the objectives, “to reduce the symptoms to reduce the pain and the well-being of the woman, both physically and psychologically, to restore or to strengthen”, writes the endometriosis Association Germany on your website.

Of the Association, there are already positive experiences with acupuncture, Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), homeopathy and phytotherapy (herbal medicine).

The disease can also be influenced by a meaningful change of diet, reducing Stress, and moderate exercise positive.

“What harm is a Mediterranean diet, and the renunciation of alcohol and nicotine,” says Dr. Müller.

The expert put on to be Concerned also to the heart, to take a psychotherapy or Yoga– and to take advantage of acupuncture offers.

Disease may recur after the therapy

Dr. Müller pointed out, however, that the endometriosis may return after the therapy: “it is often a chronic disease,” said the physician.

Therefore, it is important that patient and doctor to discuss exactly how extended surgery with removal of the endometriosis foci should be and how long a drug therapy is carried out.

For women with diagnosed disease and a longer-existing wish to have children a “desire to have children, treatment is also considering” how an in vitro fertilization. (ad)