Selma Blair Just Shared Photos Of Herself With A Cane Due To Multiple Sclerosis

Actress Selma Blair revealed she has multiple sclerosis (MS) in October, and since then, she’s shared her emotional and physical journey with her fans on Instagram. Recently, she shared photos indicating that she’s started using a cane.

Selma first shared a photo of herself and her cane on Instagram at Kris Jenner’s Christmas Eve party. “Merry Christmas Eve,” she captioned a shot of herself standing in snow with a cane in her hand. Selma went on to thank Kris Jenner and the whole Kardashian family for the invite.

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Merry Christmas Eve. This was heaven. Thank you @krisjenner and the whole #Kardashian #west #jenner family for being so welcoming and generous and fun and truly such a dear family. I need a hug from you @krisjenner , but I got lost in the magical Christmas snow. #beautifulevening 🎄💚❄️ #fauxsnow

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A few days later, on Wednesday, Selma shared another photo of herself with her cane, this time captioned with a quote by Jean Amery: “I had grasped well that there are situations in life where our body is our entire self and fate. I was in my body and nothing else…My body was my calamity,” Selma wrote.

But Selma opened up even more in the comments: “I can’t feel most of my body,” she wrote in response to a comment from Terry Wahls, M.D., an autoimmune expert and MS researcher. “I feel short tempered with my limitations sometimes. I want to jump and ride my horse again. But wounded storytellers need a voice,” she added.

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…” I had grasped well that there are situations in life where our body is our entire self and fate . I was in my body and nothing else…My body was my calamity. My body …was my physical and metaphysical dignity. “ Jean Amery

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Selma’s use of a cane (which she got on Amazon, P.S.) is common among those with MS—the autoimmune disease affects everyone differently, but many people can experience fatigue, difficulty walking, numbness or tingling, and dizziness and vertigo, according to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

The cane is used to help with walking and balance issues: “I usually hold onto someone’s arm if possible. But I need a balance. A cane,” Selma wrote. She also revealed in the comments that her cane helps alert others to her condition, as well: “My cane is also to alert people I may trip (likely) or fall or slur,” she wrote.

Fans and those with MS applauded Selma in the comments for showing her cane: “Thank you for taking a photo with your cane. I see so many people throw [their] canes aside for photos, and seeing others not be scared to keep them with them makes it much easier for others to do the same,” one wrote.

“I am so envious of your confidence in yourself. I should be walking or using a cane but I just can’t do it… so self conscious, so proud, so embarrassed… I don’t know what it is,” another said.

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