Risk for cardiovascular disease: Late-night eating can burden a woman’s heart

A recent study sees a connection between the heart health of women, and by the time the dinner comes to the table.

The results are clear: The later women eat, the diseases, the greater the risk for cardiovascular disease.

The Study

The Team led by study author Dr. Nour Makarem from the Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons, the medical College of Columbia University, took for the examination of 112 women in the average age of 33 years in the focus.

The participants underwent at the beginning of the study and a year later, first of all, a cardiovascular investigation to the state of your heart health.

Also risk factors such as Smoking, physical activity, and diet were taken into account.

In a second step, the subjects were at the beginning and at the end of the study, for a week each dedicated electronic Diet diaries using a Computer or mobile phone to record what they had eaten at what time of day. This data could then be used in the context of heart health brought.

Dinner after 18 PM is harmful

The results of the study were presented at this year’s Scientific Sessions of the American Heart Association in Philadelphia, are clear:

Women take the majority of their daily calories after 18 o’clock, increases your risk for heart disease-vascular.

By a later dinner, the probability for a higher blood pressure, increased BMI and a poorer long-term control of blood sugar increased.

The Timing decides

“So far, Lifestyle-focused approaches to the prevention of heart disease, what we eat and how much we eat,” stressed study author Dr. Nour Makarem in a press release. “In the future, we should also take into account when we eat.”


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