Oti Mabuse health: Strictly Come Dancing star takes supplements to ‘feed her brain’

Oti Mabuse, 29, began her life on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing in 2015 but has been dancing since she was just four years old. Constant dancing can prove demanding, and like with any form of exercise, fuelling the body with the right vitamins and minerals is very important. While Oti doesn’t follow any diet as such, she’s revealed taking supplements helps maintain her physique and boosts brain function. When it comes to food, the star told Women’s Health South Africa: “I don’t restrict myself in any way.

I do take vitamins and minerals like magnesium and iron, parsley and omega 3

“I feel like if my body wants something, I should give it that. I would never advise anybody to take anything out of their diet.”

She added: “I do take vitamins and minerals like magnesium and iron, parsley and omega 3, just stuff to keep my muscle memory strong, to keep going and to feed my brain.”

Magnesium has been shown to play a role in exercise performance.

Studies have shown supplementing with it can boost exercise performance for athletes, the elderly and people with chronic disease.

In one study, volleyball players who took 250mg of magnesium per day experienced improvements in jumping and arm movements. 

The health benefits of managing iron levels include eliminating fatigue.

People with low iron often experienced fatigue which lasts several weeks.

Parsley is packed with vitamin K, an essential nutrient for bone health.

Some studies suggest eating foods high in vitamin K may reduce your risk of fractures.

One study found higher vitamin K intake was associated with a 22 per cent lower risk of fractures. 

Several studies have suggested taking fish oil supplements and may improve brain function in people with more mild types of brain conditions like mild cognitive impairment or age-related cognitive decline.

One study gave 485 older adults with age-related cognitive decline either 900mg of DHA (an omega-3 fatty acid) or a placebo every day.

After 24 weeks, those taking DHA performed better on memory and learning tests. 

Oti isn’t the only Strictly Come Dancing professional dancer to discuss her health.

Amy Dowden revealed she’s been living with hidden health condition Crohn’s disease for more than half her life.

Earlier this year she decided to go public with her diagnosis. 

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