Nutrition report 2019: A healthier diet for many the goal

The German population wants to 2019 feed

In the year 2019, the people in Germany want to eat healthier and more on the ingredients in your food bought. More and more consumers eat more. These are the findings of the nutrition report in 2019 of the Federal Ministry for food and agriculture and the food industries, especially the Sugar industry, under pressure.

“Consumers want detailed Information and guidance,” says Julia Klöckner, the German Federal Minister for food and agriculture (BMEL), at the presentation of the food reports in 2019. The German population at large is increasingly on healthy eating, the need to taste. The Report of the Federal Ministry supplies each year, important information on Trends and developments in nutrition.

Consumers want less sugar, TRANS fats and salt

“71 percent, it is important that the finished products contain less sugar, 68 percent want less fats, unhealthy TRANS and 38 per cent less salt,” summarises the Federal Minister of Klöckner the main findings. Nevertheless, the taste standing in the first place. Even if, according to the report, nine out of ten people keep a healthy diet is important, 99 percent of the respondents indicated that taste was the most important.

Low-Calorie Sugar

As the survey shows, want to however, only seven percent, that the above-mentioned sugar reduction is carried out by sugar substitutes such as artificial sweeteners. The solution could be, according to Klöckner, a new sugar version. Currently, the BMEL is promoting the development of a caloric sugar that can be obtained by a special process from the sugar beet poorer.

Sugar industry under pressure

The German sugar trade Association (WVZ) has responded to the Report and acknowledged that General Changes in diet are needed. “Consumers expect that there is where reduced sugar in foods, the calories drop significantly to go,” reports Günter Tissen, managing Director of the CR in a press release to the Report. This is not currently the case. Therefore, the reduction of the supply of energy to the right standing in the focus of the Ministry. Because in the fight against Overweight and obesity the number of calories to count in the first place.

New Animal Welfare License Plate

As the Report shows, is another large concern to the population, the improvement of animal husbandry. “The nutrition report also supports our projects, a national animal welfare license plate, is more than a mere attitude indicator,” stresses Klöckner. 81 per cent of respondents in favour of an official seal, which ensures that farm animals are better kept as required by law.

Healthy nutrition as a basic school subject?

The Report also shows that more and more people eat outside the home. Thus, the offered food in canteens and schools move more and more into the focus. In particular, schools should have, according to Klöckner as a role model. Your Ministry is a set together with the German society for nutrition, the basics of a healthy diet be taught in elementary school.

The main findings at a Glance

The full diet report 2019 can be downloaded for free on the website of the BMEL viewed. Here is a brief Overview of the main findings of the nutrition report of 2019:

  • 99 percent want the food tastes in the first place.
  • 91 percent of consumers want to eat healthy.
  • More than half of those polled say that they use when shopping at sugar and Fat contents.
  • 81 percent of respondents want a national indicator for animal welfare.
  • 84 percent of respondents want a reduction in food waste.
  • 36 percent ensure that your diet to the calories.
  • For 32 percent of the respondents price is the most important.