New study: effectively Avocados can help you lose weight

Avocados on bread, in salad, or just in between pure as a Snack: In the last few years, the exotic fruit has experienced a large Hype because of their many positive properties, it has been a bestseller.

How healthy Avocados are actually, shows once more the result of a current study has set the effect of the content of substances of Avocados apart.

The research team led by Professor Paul Spagnuolo from the University of Guelph in Canada, was able to show for the first time, that a special, only in Avocados occurring compound has a particularly positive effect on the health.

Avocatin B makes Avocados so healthy

In this connection, it is the ingredient Avocatin B (AvoB). The special feature is that The fat molecule inhibits processes in the human body that usually lead to Diabetes.

The disease type-2 Diabetes is triggered in the majority of cases of chronic obesity.

This insulin resistance in diabetics means that the body glucose can not properly remove from the blood, because the mitochondria of the body cells cannot burn the fatty acids completely.

This Oxidation of fatty acids allows the body to normally burn fat. In the case of obesity or Diabetes this process is inhibited – Oxidation, accordingly, incomplete.

Avocado makes for reduced insulin resistance

According to the study results, which were published in the journal ‘Molecular Nutrition and Food Research’, can AvoB of such incomplete Oxidation and insulin resistance reduce.

Came to this realization, the scientists, after research on mice. The animals were given eight weeks of high-fat food, until they were obese and insulin resistance suffered.

During the following five weeks was mixed in half of the mice in the feed of the fabric AvoB beige.

The result: The mice that took the AvoB, and weighed according to the time significantly less than the animals in the control group.

Even more interesting than the slow Gewichtszunahmefür the fact that these mice showed a higher insulin sensitivity was for the researchers. Your body were able to glucose and to burn.

Clinical studies to verify the research results

To verify this result, was subsequently conducted a clinical study in humans. All subjects received during the test period, in addition to your usual Western food AvoB as a dietary Supplement.

The researchers found that the molecule was safely absorbed into the blood to affect other organs such as kidney, liver or muscles.

In a communication to their investigation, the researchers do not explain, however, that the observed weight loss of the subjects was statistically significant.

Further clinical studies should follow in order to test the effectiveness of AvoB in the treatment of metabolic disorders.

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Remove: Not only on Avocados set

Anyone who wants to in the long term, lose weight should not rely solely on the consumption of Avocados.

The amount of natural Avocatin B in the fruits varies quite a bit, on the other hand, other aspects are still during a slimming process is relevant.

Generally speaking, a healthy, nutrient-rich diet and sufficient exercise, the aim should be to keep fit and prevent a metabolic disorder.

Healthy with Omega-3 fatty acids

In order to support the body during the slimming process with food, must not be set necessarily on the climate unfriendly Avocado, the elaborately watered and also over a large distance will have to be imported.

Especially products, the Omega-3 fatty acids, can Avocados to replace the dining plan without any problems.

Because Omega-3 is similarly positive as AvoB and makes the muscle cells more receptive to Insulin, whereby the structure of body fat, even in a surplus in Calories is difficult.

As a source for healthy fat, especially linseed oil, Chia seed, hemp seed oil or oily fish such as salmon or mackerel are also suitable.


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