Mum says son's severe eczema was cleared by £7.99 'miracle' cream

‘Having your first baby can be a stressful time as it is, but every day was so difficult as he was so upset and in pain and discomfort,’ said Pui.

‘He wasn’t able to learn as quickly or meet physical milestones like other babies.

‘It felt so cruel to hold his arms down physically as he was using his natural instinct to rub his face up against you, or anything he could, to itch. His skin was so raw we couldn’t even kiss or cuddle him.

‘I would be physically exhausted from holding him the whole day to ensure he didn’t infect himself again. A few times I’d wake up feeling guilty that in my sleep, I’d let his arms escape and he’d scratched his face until the skin went weepy.’

In one month, Alex was prescribed a total of three courses of oral antibiotics as well as other petroleum-based creams, baby antihistamine, a skin wash and steroids.

His parents wanted something more natural, and didn’t want him to become dependent on steroids.

Pui did lots of research online and found the Skin Salvation cream being recommended on a mums’ forum online.

The product, which is sold on Amazon for a slightly higher price, contains beeswax, – which forms a waterproof barrier for the skin – hemp seed, safflower and olive oils.

‘We use Skin Salvation every night as soon as he comes out of the bath,’ said Pui. ‘His body is eczema-free but we still like to keep it healthy and use it more for prevention.’

Consult with your doctor and get food allergy tested with a dietitian before purchasing any cream to treat yourself.

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