Increasing Access To Vaccines In Rural & Urban Settings With Mtech

Laetitia Bigger, Director, Vaccines Policy at IFPMA, speaks with Jenny Sia, Director of Corporate Responsibility at the Pfizer Foundation, about innovations in mHealth technology that are helping to increase access to vaccines. Jenny leads global health grant making and impact investing for the Pfizer Foundation, a charitable organization aiming to promote access to quality health care globally.

The Pfizer Foundation has a program portfolio aimed at piloting and scaling innovation that can improve access to healthcare medicines and vaccines for the most vulnerable and chronically underserved populations in the world. The Foundation, explains Jenny, “wants to improve access to vaccines at the last mile, with a particular focus on technologies that can be employed and ways to equip community health workers with tools that they can use.”

One example of this work is the Pfizer Foundation’s collaboration with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) to validate mReach, a defaulter tracing technology that helps healthcare workers to identify children who have missed a routine immunization and follow up with their caregivers. “The thing that is really exciting about the IRC collaboration,” shares Jenny, “is that the technology was developed to address a specific problem that many healthcare workers were facing” – ensuring that children receive a full course of immunization.

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