In spite of a healthy diet: The Germans are as fat as never

The Germans eat more vegetable and drink more mineral water. And yet bacon rolls are the normal state: it’s Never the people were in the Land of thick. Especially older men weigh too much.

In Germany, more and more fat people life. 59 percent of men and 37 percent of women aged 18 to 65 years are overweight, says the new nutrition report of the German nutrition society (DGE) in Bonn. Especially older men are obese: At the end of your working life, 74.2 percent of them to many Kilos on the scales – in the case of women, it is 56.3 percent. A positive development was for beginners only at School: In this age class there were less fat kids.

Overweight to take

Normal weight men were at the age of 30 to 35 years, the minority, explained the DGE. For women, the Thick, dominated until the age of 55 years. As overweight people with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 25 or above are considered for the DGE.

Between 1999 and 2013, the proportion of obese men rose by 8.3 per cent (women 4.5%). "Besorgniserregend" the experts call for the development of obesity: obese people with a BMI of 30 or more – is the development of a particularly drastic. The proportion of extremely thick men increased by 40 per cent, of those of extremely thick women to 24.2 percent. Also in the case of the elderly aged 65 years and over, according to the DGE, more and more Obese.

Energy balance is often positive – and this is bad

The food consumption has also positive Trends: The German food, for example, more vegetables, berries and Nuts and drink more water. So, where will the bacon rolls come from? One of the main reasons for Snacks and drinks, which are today almost everywhere available and cheap, according to DGE high-calorie.

Added: "Many people move just to wenig", DGE spokeswoman Isabelle Keller said on Friday. "It’s not only what goes on top. The most Important is the energy balance as a whole."

This is positive, in other words more calories than consumed, you. "We live in a society, the Overweight us really to treibt", Keller said. The physical activity had declined drastically in recent decades.