If Stress makes you in the Job, dick

The phenomenon is known as stress belly, sorrow, bacon or emotional eating: Who has Stress, that makes a little bit of sports and eats a lot. A Swedish study of this Thesis. Therefore, people feel in the Job, overwhelmed to take in the long run. The effect the researchers observed, however, only in the case of women, as they report in the journal “International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health”.

For the study, researchers had data from a were long analyzed time study that questioned the 3800 people in Sweden about twenty years to your life habits. The subjects had to answer questions such as: How is the work tempo? Do you feel burdened psychologically? You have enough time to complete the tasks? About half of the respondents claimed to be high demands in the Job exposed to.

Women have less time

The researchers examined whether those Affected are also likely to be overweight. The result: women with high demands in the Job were more prone to Obesity. They rose twenty percent more than subjects that perceived their Job as less stressful. Factors such as diet or physical inactivity, the researchers calculated.

In the case of men no such effect. This is not to say, however, that the men were on average less likely to be overweight. Their average Body Mass Index was 24.6. For women, the value slightly lower (23.7 per).

Why there is this gender difference, researchers do not know. You suspect that the burden of women is particularly high, not only in the Job, but also when it comes to household and child-rearing. “That makes it more difficult to find time for sports,” says study author Sofia Klingberg from the University of Gothenburg.

Previous studies had shown that constant Overwork can lead to Obesity. Stress puts the body on alert. Adrenaline, a stress hormone, in the Moment of acute danger of any appetite forget and to or fight, run away. In the Stress relaxation phase, the body tries to recover what he has expended in the case of a possible escape or a fight.

The really clever move on the part of Evolution no longer fits the present circumstances of life. Because today’s Stress is taking place, especially in the head. The consumes less energy than an escape or a fight – in the long term, Obesity threatens. Nutrition experts advise, therefore, no food directly on the Desk keep. Even better is to avoid unnecessary stress.