How to absolutely boss your spinning class

We all know what it feels like to come out of a fitness class knowing we could have worked harder.

It feels like such a waste – of time, money and sports kit. But sometimes you just can’t summon the motivation needed to really push yourself.

You can feel yourself going through the motions, taking too many breaks, only pretending to turn up the resistance on your bike and hoping no one notices.

But spin classes are too expensive not to make the most of them – if we’ve made the effort to set an early alarm and put on a damn sports bra, then we want to know we have really pushed ourselves effectively.

So how do you do that? There is an art to being great at spinning – and it doesn’t involve being Wonder Woman-levels of fit. Actually, it’s more about mindset and preparation.

We asked Rachele, the lead cycle instructor at Another_Space for her top tips to help you boss your next spin class.

Arrive early to set up your bike

We recommend you arrive a few minutes before the class begins to set up your bike.

Having the right posture and positioning will maximise the benefits of your workout, engaging your legs,core and glutes!

If you don’t know how best to set up your bike, don’t be afraid to ask an instructor to help.

Master your technique

For the best cycling technique, direct your energy towards tightening your core and ensure your weight is back as you hover over the seat.

The class I teach incorporates weights as well as cycling, which also builds a full-body workout. I lead weighted arm sequences to tone your upper body as well as your lower body.

Don’t slack on the resistance!

If you want to reach your full potential during the workout then don’t slack on upping the resistance.

Cycle classes are a low-impact exercise that is easy on the joints, but without enough resistance, you can wear out joints and potentially cause injury or discomfort when bouncing up and down in the saddle.

Cycle to the beat

My classes feature motivational soundtracks from commercial chart music to underground vibes that will release endorphins and encourage you to train harder.

Instructors will plan tracks so the beats per minute match the pace of the class, keeping to the pace will help you get the most out of your session.

Always stretch post-cycle

We know you’re busy, but don’t rush off to get in the shower!

Cycling is an intense full-body workout, so be sure to spend a few moments to wind down from the workout to avoid injury and improve flexibility.

Your instructor will give you some stretches which focus on the key muscles including lower-leg, thigh, hip and total-body stretches.

Another_Space also provides foam rollers for guests to use before or after class.

The benefits of spinning

Great cardio

Spinning will elevate your heart rate and get you seriously sweating. It is a really effective way to improve your cardiovascular fitness levels.

Low-impact exercise

Spinning is great if you are recovering from an injury, or just need to take things a little more gently.

Muscle definition

As well as building your heart health, spinning will tone and shape your muscles – particularly in your legs and glutes.

Mental boost

Spinning will make you feel good. Endorphins will flood your system after a class, which will help you feel more positive and less stressed.

Spinning is a great way to fit some efficient cardio into your schedule – you can squeeze in a 30-minute lunchtime class, go first thing in the morning or find a session after work.

It’s really easy to find a class you love because there are boutique spinning studios all around every major city in the UK.

And spin lovers will be delighted to know that cult brand SoulCycle has recently launched it’s first UK studio in London.

So no excuses really.

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