Home and Away spoilers: Robbo reveals a heartbreaking secret to Jasmine

Robbo (Jake Ryan) and Jasmine (Sam Frost) have experienced a turbulent relationship since his return to the Bay, with Jasmine revealing his departure reminded her of painful memories from her childhood and she wasn’t sure how to deal with someone who comes back after leaving her. Making the decision to go to counselling to address these issues, Jasmine receives mixed messages from Robbo about his support in this until he eventually drives her to her session.

During her first appointment, Jasmine starts to talk about her complicated relationship with Robbo but finds herself getting worked up. Her counsellor, Aiden, calms her down, and Jasmine says that Robbo left and abandoned her just like her father did.

Aiden suggests that Robbo, who is waiting outside, comes into the session. Although hesitant, she allows Aiden to ask him. Robbo is initially reluctant, but when Aiden says it will help Jasmine with her recovery, he concedes, following the counsellor into the room.

As the session continues, Robbo reveals that the day Jasmine told Robbo about her betrayal – in not telling him about Tori getting a second round of IVF and becoming pregnant without his knowledge – was the anniversary of his family’s death. Jasmine is devastated, but Robbo says she wasn’t to know. He also acknowledges that she wasn’t as responsible as Tori (Penny McNamee) for what happened with the baby.

Jasmine feels she’s made a huge breakthrough in hearing this, and Aiden suggests she comes back to talk more. When she heads out to make an appointment, Aiden holds Robbo back, saying that Jasmine could benefit from counselling – but Robbo needs it…

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