Hollie Arnold health: ‘I used to hide’ Athlete discusses how she overcame her disability

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Hollie Arnold, 26, is a Team GB Paralympian javelin gold medallist is a four times consecutive World champion, Commonwealth champion and European champion. Hollie Arnold was born without her right forearm but despite her difficult younger years struggling to accept her disability, Hollie learnt to not only accept her limitation but allowed herself to flourish.

Hollie was born with no right forearm and admits she has had some struggles in her life but has always given 100 percent to everything she does.

Speaking to Stylist magazine, Hollie said: “Being disabled I hated the way I looked.

“I used to hide my disability, and I got to an age where I said: ‘I’m never going to have the other arm, so you should accept the way you are’.”

Hollie says she hopes by taking part in I’m A Celebrity, she will inspire viewers to follow their dreams.

She said: “I think it’s about being happy with yourself, accepting yourself and also understanding yourself.

“The human brain is a very hard thing to understand.

It’s about going out there, doing the best you can – whether that’s Paralympic gold, or that’s just going to the gym twice a week.

“It’s an achievement in itself, and you should be proud of yourself when you do something.

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Living with a disability can be very difficult but charities and government organisations are working hard to improve access, funding and resources for disabled people in a bid to make life as stress free as possible.

Often, people with physical disabilities feel frustrated because they cannot do the activities that people without physical disabilities can such as playing sports or doing exercise.

Having a physical disability also changes the way a person lives their life.

They may find their life changes radically following an incident or illness that leaves them with a physical disability and many people require another person’s help to carry out these activities.

However, with a strong mindset and having a strong support network there is plenty one could achieve.

Hollie, who was awarded an MBE for her services to field athletics in 2017, said: “I don’t want it to be about my disability.

“Yes, I have a missing arm and I am in the Paralympics, but I want to show people nothing stops me and it shouldn’t stop anyone else either.”

She added: “I hope by going on the programme, it inspires people. I want people to look and see that I am scared but I am giving it a go.”

Advising others on how to overcome the critical mindset limiting so many out there, Holly said: “Stop being so harsh on yourself and give yourself credit for the little things that you do in life.

“I have a very small group of friends who I absolutely adore, and I have family who are so supportive.

“I think that’s the most important thing; having that positivity around you to get through the tough times.”

Holly will be joining other celebrities in this years I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and with her impressive sporting accolades under her belt she will surely be one to watch.

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