“He never knew much about the subject”: Trumps strange u-turn with E-cigarettes

The policy of the US President, Donald Trump is considered to be capricious and unpredictable. Not only on the foreign policy stage, he surprised his Partner with impulsive decisions, even domestically, he pursued a zig-zag course. The most recent example: the ban of E-cigarettes with the taste.

In September, Trump had announced plans to prohibit unusual flavors for E-cigarettes in the United States. "Very strenge" Rules should "great Problem" contain. Around five million young people are addicted to the E cigarettes because you of the fruit pleasant mint, or chewing gum taste were attracted to the "Vapen" is regarded as a challenge for the American health care system.

Trump promised to solve the Problem. As the "Washington Post" reported, torpedoed the President now, however, his own plans. At the beginning of November, he should have refused, a template to write to the project to advance further.

Trump the jobs are more important

According to the testimony of an anonymous Trump-adviser of the man to fear in the White house, the loss of jobs in the tobacco industry. Trump prides himself with the good economy of the United States, which he sold as his own personal success to pay. A massive job loss, with the the cigarette industry is threatening to let Trump probably does not count. In the Social networks, the campaign &quot made;I vape I vote" Sentiment against the ban, there were protests and critical articles.

According to "Washington Post" Trump was the ban on E-cigarettes with flavor will never be a major concern. He had brought his family for the sake of on the way. "He never knew much about the subject. He has it only for Melania and Ivanka getan", the newspaper quoted an anonymous government employee. Trumps wife and daughter had made for the prohibition of strong. Reuters/Robert F. Bukaty/AP The so-called “Vapen” is controversial – health experts consider it dangerous.

"As a parent, it is our challenge to recognize the danger from the Vapen ausgeht", First Lady Melania Trump declared in September and shared on Twitter a chart that showed the strong increase of E-cigarette use among young people.

While the Smoking lobby Trumps turnaround cheers, the barrage of criticism from health experts. Matthew Myers, President of the Initiative "Tobacco-Free Kids" said: "This is a crisis, which we must accept." He set out that the States will tackle the Problem. Whether the project is dead, or whether the law will be negotiated at the Federal level, is still unclear.

Insiders fear, however, that the E-cigarette ban similar to sanding as Trumps announcement, to combat the misuse of Weapons. He had, after the mass shootings in the last summer, promised. Happened since then, nothing.

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