Game ball of speculators, financial investors, to buy more and more dental practices

Investment companies, hedge funds and Private-Equity firms buy up more and more dental practices in Germany. This is the result of a recent investigation by the dental Bundesvereinigung (KZBV), the editorial network in Germany. Thereafter, 75 dental care centres, majority of which are now in the hands of financial investors. Two years ago, there were only 29.

The proportion of the supply centres with the participation of financial investors rose from four to almost twelve percent.

"The dental care is at risk of becoming part of the speculation game to werden", KZBV-in-chief Wolfgang Esser said the RND. This "destructive Systemumbau" to the detriment of the Insured, because the monopolization bottlenecks in the supply would arise and the patient safety was not assured, he lamented.

Large coalition seeks to close loopholes in the appointment of service law

Actually, it is for financial investors not possible to have in Germany, dental practices and to operate. They are using a loophole by buying up first of all dilapidated hospitals. On these hospitals, then tooth can be founded medical care centres with salaried dentists. Because the workers dental practitioners do not have to work under one roof, as a result, chains with branches in different cities.

The KZBV calls on the coalition government to close these loopholes. According to your proposal, hospitals should be allowed to dental care centers, among other things, only reasons, if they are spatially close to each other. This Amendment and the requirement of the KZBV, to be included in the appointment of service law that is currently being discussed in the Bundestag.