Flatulence avoid: tips on the right combination of foods

Cherries eaten or drunk water = stomach ache. So it is game in a well-known children. Many of these food myths are not. According to experts, it is worthwhile to reconsider the combination and the order of the food intake.

Abdominal pain, flatulence, impaired absorption of nutrients: There are many tips on what should better be combined not circulate – because certain foods, tolerate allegedly. Doctors and nutritionists in the majority of cases, but the all-clear.

“For healthy people, it doesn’t really matter what we combine wherewith,” says Wolfgang Holt Meier, chief physician of gastroenterology, diabetology and Internal medicine. “Most people can all over the place, eat what you want.”

Crucial is the order in which we take food to us. Salad and fruit, for example, will be digested faster than other things. To eat this at the end of a meal, therefore, is not useful: “meat and fish stay longer in the stomach and clog the output. This could lead to fermentation processes, abdominal pain and bloating.“

Fruits with proteins and fats combine

Also, it can have negative consequences of eating a food in isolation, especially early in the Morning. “Smoothies with lots of fruit on an empty stomach are not a good idea,” says Holt Meier. “The contained Fructose quickly reached the capacity of what we can absorb.” It is better to combine fruit with protein and fat – so for example, for Breakfast with a yogurt.

However, not every type of Fruit can easily be combined with dairy foods. “If you eat acidic fruits, such as kiwi fruit, along with yogurt, you can suffer the taste, including bitter taste,” says Monika Bischoff, a graduate home economist and Nutritionist.

The old myth, not to eat cherries with the water, is refuted in the eyes of Bischoff, but for a long time: “This combination has no negative effect on the stomach and intestines,” says the expert. “May the problems used to come by the germs in drinking water. Or cherries that have been eaten fresh from the tree, found contamination by animals.“ In the case of washed fruit and clean water it should not give such problems.

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Food intake with alcohol

With the combination of Alcohol and foods with caution – this applies to all food. A good combination is, however, a piece of meat, and an orange juice or another food that contains a lot of Vitamin C. “The body can absorb the trace element iron better when Vitamin C is taken,” explains Bischoff.

Who would like to prepare food particularly digestible, should rely on the proven combination of cabbage and caraway. “The cumin provides for a reduction of gas formation during the removal of the ingredients of cabbage vegetables,” says nutrition scientist Heiko Griguhn. “So less bloating.”

Individual Digestive Processes

In all Combi-Nations tips: The impact of food differs from individual to individual and depends on many different factors. “Every human being develops in the course of life preferences and aversions for specific food,” says Griguhn. Often, you realize quickly whether or not the consumption of individual foods or a certain combination was a good idea. “The body doesn’t respond to us, if he can tolerate something well,” says Griguhn.