Energising Christmas morning workout to do with the family

Christmas morning is a time that is always charged with excitement.

And, with such a big day ahead, it’s important that you and the family are as energised as possible. After all, eating, opening presents and sitting down for hours is exhausting.

Why not get the blood pumping for the whole family – or whoever happens to be in your festive bubble – with a fun Christmas-themed workout?

So, before you settle yourself on the sofa, or get started on peeling potatoes, get your kit on, blast your favourite Christmas playlist, and get moving.

Fitness expert and founder of the #CrockFit App, Alex Crockford, has pulled together a fun and simple workout that would be just the thing to start your day on a high.

Energising home workout for Christmas morning

Work for 40 seconds, rest for 20 seconds and move through the 5 exercises as a circuit.

Complete 4 rounds for 20 minutes

Jingle jogging jabs

Jog on the spot with your chest high and your knees pumping high.

As you run, punch each arm one at a time out in front of you – aim to keep your jabs strong and don’t let your arms drop as you get tired. 

Santa’s squat kick

Complete a normal squat – with your legs hip-width apart, drop down until your knees are bent at a right angle. Squeeze your bum muscles to power yourself back to the top.

At the top, kick one leg in front, then repeat the squat and next time kick the other leg.

Merry mountain climbers

Start in a push-up position, keep your spine straight, your core engaged and make sure your shoulders are directly above your wrists.

Lift one knee towards your chest, before replacing it and then lifting the other knee.

Alternate legs and boost the pace for a good cardio hit.

Blessed burpee 180 degrees jump

Complete a burpee – put your hands on the ground, shoot your legs out into a press-up position, then jump your legs back in to a squat position, before jumping upwards.

When you land, jump 180 degrees to face the other side, and do another burpee.

Twinkling tricep dips

Sitting on the floor, hold your weight up with your arms behind you and bum off the ground, hands pointing towards your body and lean back slightly.

Bend your elbows to lower your body, before pushing back up to straight.

12 Days of Christmas home workout

1 Yoga tree pose

2 Press-ups

3 Crunches

4 Birddogs (start on hands and knees and extend opposite arm and leg and hold)

5 Burpees or squat thrusts

6 Squats and pretend to lay an egg

7 ‘Swimmies’ (lay on stomach with arms and legs extended and kick arms and legs as though you are swimming)

8 Lunges

9 Star jumps

10 Jump in air as high as you can (or on to step or box)

11 Plank pose for 11 seconds

12 Pretend to bang a drum for 12 seconds

PT Mollie, The Happiness Personal Trainer

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