Doctors report breakthrough in HIV Patient probably first without a stem cell transplant cured

In Brazil, HIV may have been for the first time cured-positive person without a bone marrow transplant. Be Patient for over a year, no HIV antibodies and therefore could be regarded as cured, said Ricardo Diaz, an expert in infectious diseases at the University of São Paulo, Brazil, on Tuesday.

The 34-year-old Brazilian would be the third person ever to be cured of HIV.

Diaz that had been diagnosed in the man of 2012 HIV. In the context of a study of several strong anti-viral drugs were administered to him, including Maraviroc and Dolutegravir. The treatment had been set well before 57 weeks, but the man on the way, still no HIV antibodies. "We can’t prove the Virus and he loses the specific response to the Virus", of the doctors said.

It was the third HIV would be Cured after the "Berliner" and the "London Patient"

So far, two men – known as the "Berliner" and the "London Patient" – as cured of the disease. Both were subjected to a risk of stem cells transplant is rich.

Diaz said his method of treatment requires still further research to be ethically acceptable in severely ill HIV-patients than going through a bone marrow transplant. Because this is "with a high mortality rate verbunden".

HIV expert referred to the case as a "very interessant"

The results of the Brazilian researcher, were published in the framework of the International Aids conference, held this year due to the Corona pandemic exclusively online. The internationally recognized HIV expert Sharon Lewin from Australia’s Doherty Institute, to be referred to the case of Brazil as a "very interessant", warned, however, cautions that the study is of only limited informative value.

They noted that the anti-body test of the Brazilian patients had been weakening with time, which let to a decline in immune response. "This is very unusual, if someone has no anti-viral drugs einnimmt", she said. "These are very provocative data need to be investigated."

According to the latest UN figures, 1.7 million people with HIV were infected in the past year. Worldwide, 40 million people now live with the Virus. Infection no longer leads, in the meantime, will inevitably lead to death, but the patient must take life-long medication.

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