Do not throw away!: That’s why you should eat the banana peel

Whether as a Snack, in a Smoothie, cereal, Pancakes or Muffins – banana varieties are the most popular fruit in the world.

An error but will be removed as well, as always, the shell and disposed of, if one may believe an expert.

So healthy bananas are

The yellow fruit is particularly appreciated as a Snack, because it fills you up and supplies quick energy.

Among its main ingredients, especially potassium and Magnesium – especially good for bones and teeth. In addition, bananas contain a lot of Vitamin C.

Nevertheless, you should not overdo it with the banana consumption, your saturating effect comes from its high number of Calories – a banana has about 95 calories.

A further disadvantage is the disposal of the shell – it promotes the production of waste and the food waste.

Fortunately, nutritionist and author Susie Burell knows some better Alternatives, to exploit the treasures dish.

On your Blog ‘Shape Me’, what are the advantages missed by the Peel and Discard.

Therefore, you do not need to throw away the shell

“If you could eat the peel of a banana, quite simply, it would be a children’s food waste and increasing waste-to-consumer game lower,” says the expert.

Added: to bite Into a banana with the peel, is not necessarily tasty – other ways there is but still.

In fact, one can increase the mass of Smoothies and baked goods, simply by using the whole banana and shell in the preparation – so you can even save money.

In addition, nutrient uptake increases, since the peel contains a lot of fiber. Burell says: “You will receive almost 20 percent more Vitamin B6, and almost 20 percent more Vitamin C.”

So easily you can use the shell

In order to increase, for example, the quantity of Smoothies, you can cut the unpeeled banana in small pieces and in a blender, process the Ends should be separated.

By Adding the shell will change the taste and consistency of the Smoothies only minimal.

In the preparation of Muffins or banana bread, the nutrition expert recommends cooking the dish in advance, because they can incorporate more easily into the dough.

The cooking of the dish but also has a further advantage, white Burell: “If you cook the shell to Soften, to be destroyed, some of the cell walls in the shell, so that the nutrients can be easily absorbed.”

These bananas are the best

To be able to the health benefits of the banana peel can best be enjoyed, are particularly suitable for bananas, with a bright yellow shell – you have a higher percentage of antioxidants, which can reduce the risk of heart attack.

But also the green shell is still not quite Mature bananas are not suitable, because it is particularly rich in the amino acid Tryptophan – this is, among other things, for a sleep of good quality.

In addition, green banana peels are also rich in resistance starch, a special type of fiber that comes from the intestinal health known to be of benefit.

The consumption of banana peels so it can protect against diseases, protect the environment – the shell should be recycled in the future, so definitely more to favorite recipes in a healthy and sustainable way to refresh.

Antonia Hagedorn

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