Defenses: These 6 things kill our immune system

Our immune system never sleeps: It is constantly busy, bacteria and viruses.

With a healthy lifestyle, we can help our immune system in this full-time Job and the likelihood for diseases to minimize.

Therefore, it is important to make a big arc around the following six Immune-Killer, the want our defence forces to the collar.

1. Poor Diet

French fries, Chips and chocolate are not good allies in the fight against coughs, colds and co. The reason is that we eat too much of it, lack of our body with important nutrients.

Basic processes, the immune defence, which can no longer run optimally and we become more susceptible to viruses and bacteria.

This has been confirmed by researchers at the University of Bonn in a study. According to the results, the immune system responds to a fat – rich diet similar to that of a bacterial infection and in the long term.

The resulting aggressive immune system response to the smallest stimuli can create can have dramatic consequences: This may be “the emergence of vascular diseases or type 2-speed up Diabetes dramatically,” – said in a communication to the study.

2. Cold Feet

Our grandma has taught us: “Put something on your feet, child!” and she had, apparently, legal. Although there is initially no direct link between cold weather and colds, as always, viruses are the direct cause, but quite innocent cold feet are still not.

Because once our body registers the Cooling of the feet, it shall endeavour to not leave the colder and narrowed blood vessels all blood. Also the nose and throat.

Protect against further heat loss, but also for the defense of important areas such as the mucous membranes are worse supplied with blood. In cold and dry mucous membranes cold viruses, in turn, penetrate more easily in the organism.

Thus, a connection between cold feet and a weakened immune system is so. In the Winter, thick socks and appropriate footwear should be compulsory. Who’s bump is a particularly great frost, can counteract the icy feet with hot foot baths, foot massage and heat cushion.

3. Too little sleep

Who wants to be fit, you must get enough sleep, because the immune system works in your sleep. While we slumber, are distributed to many substances that strengthen the defenses.

That the organism of people with constant lack of sleep, and a decreased ability to form the important for the immune defence anti-body, have Authors the past is already proved.

To be able to infections in the best possible way to fight, it should be about eight hours of sleep per night. In less than six hours a night of sleep our health suffers significantly.

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4. Smoking

Fags, you should save rather when the desire for the next cold is kept within limits – and, of course, from a lot of other reasons.

For our immune system particularly relevant is the fact that Smoking damages the cilia in our bronchial tubes. This is fatal, because they perform the function of garbage collection in our lungs. Due to their wave-like movements, the fine hairs normally carry any “Dirt”, as well as pathogens, to the outside.

By Smoking, it viruses, and co. easier to implant. In the case of already sick people the healing process is deteriorating. Also in the case of passive Smoking, the Smoke leads to a prolonged healing duration and increased disease severity in colds.

5. Stress

Of course, Stress can be in everyday life can hardly be avoided – nevertheless, we should pay attention to our health, to love, to regularly come down and relax. Briefly, our body can be driven by Stress, although to the best benefits, long-term buckling performance, however, is technically.

This also applies to our immune system. Many studies have shown that constant stress impairs the defense of pathogens in The blood included killer cells that fight off viruses, bacteria and fungi are inactive and the number of immune cells decreases. The susceptibility to all diseases is also increasing.

That viruses and other pathogens have in the case of permanent stress, an easy game, says Anne Frobeen of the techniker Krankenkasse in a message. “So lets return to the example in stressful times, the Herpes sores, the immune system is otherwise well in hand. Wounds heal slower. Even vaccinations are effective in permanently stressed-out people worse than others,” she explains.

6. Alcohol

Alcohol reduces our inhibitions, but also our defense force. Studies show that alcohol reduces in the body effectively, the activity of our immune cells.

So scientists from the Loyala University of Chicago have found, for example, in a Study that a few hours after the consumption of alcohol less monocytes (cells of the immune system) and natural killer cells in the body – a higher concentration of various cells, which slow down the immune system, it is possible to determine.

The flu virus can be a bad shot, and pre-existing disorders will be aggravated. During illness, one should therefore prefer the Finger of Cocktails, wine and co.

Judith Kerstgens

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