Chlorophyll: ten Times more effective against cancer than chemotherapy

Table of contents

  • Chlorophyll kills bowel cancer is more sustainable than chemotherapy
  • Chlorophyll makes the blood
  • Chlorophyll acts as chemotherapy without the toxic side effects
  • Green Plants: Basic Food No 1
  • Researchers are discovering more and more natural substances with cancer-fighting effect
  • Selenium from the garlic and Brazil nuts for prostate and colon cancer
  • Chlorophyll and selenium in the diet
  • Chlorophyll in powder form

Chlorophyll kills bowel cancer is more sustainable than chemotherapy

A study published in the International Journal of Cancer – examined the activity of Chlorophyllin, a Chlorophyll derivative. The scientists found that it was in the destruction of colon cancer cells is ten times more effective than the chemotherapeutic drug Hydroxyurea, which is normally used during cancer treatment.

Both substances, the chemical and the natural – killed the cancer cells, by blocking one and the same cell division phase, and by the reduction of the cell division essential enzyme ribonucleotide reductase (RNR). Professor Rod Dashwood, Director of Cancer chemo-protection Program at the Linus Pauling Institute says:

Chlorophyll makes the blood

Chlorophyllin is a water-soluble derivative of chlorophyll, the green dye in all the green parts of plants is present. This dye is for the process of photosynthesis and thus for plant growth with the help of the sun’s energy responsible. Chlorophyll is almost identical to our red blood pigment, haemoglobin.

So if you have your Chlorophyll consumption increase with the help of green leafy vegetables and green drinks such as green Smoothies, then improve directly the quality and quantity of your red blood cells.

Healthy blood is synonymous with healthy organs and healthy body functions and thus the Basis for comprehensive health – and only when green plants are an important part of our diet.

Chlorophyll acts as chemotherapy without the toxic side effects

Of course, the researchers do not recommend to eat green stuff, drinking grass juice or green Smoothies. Instead, they plan to combine their conventional chemotherapeutic agents with natural remedies and to the alleged synergistic advantage of effects or but – and this is far more likely to be able to the toxic side effects of chemotherapeutic agents reduce (by reduction of the chemotherapy dose) and to achieve at the same time due to the natural active ingredients of chlorophyll in the first place is a real effect.

And so, the researchers reported:

Green Plants: Basic Food No 1

Animal experiments and clinical Tests with volunteers could also suggest that relatively high quantities of Chlorophyll are included, without the toxic side effects.

The explanation for this is learning the about the miraculous effects of chlorophyll so astonished science perhaps not known, we mention it here on the edge still, Chlorophyll is, therefore, the people as beneficial and in large amounts is harmless, because it is not grains, not dairy and not meat, but green plants are, by nature, THE staple food of the people.

Researchers are discovering more and more natural substances with cancer-fighting effect

The idea of conventional medicine cancer therapies in combination with natural resources, is extremely promising, said Professor Dashwood. You can always find more natural substances that acted just like chemotherapy drugs. Also appropriate nutritional supplements are conceivable, which could lead to a higher effectiveness of cancer therapies.

Maybe you should make a Professor Dashwood and colleagues on the occasion on Ann Wigmore’s attention that already in the 60s of the healing effects of chlorophyll, in the Form of wheat grass juice language, and thus highly successful first yourself and then severely ill patients has treated.

Selenium from the garlic and Brazil nuts for prostate and colon cancer

Who installs in his diet not only green vegetables, green juices and green Smoothies, but also garlic and Brazil nuts, achieved a greater healing and protective effect.

A new study by the Linus Pauling Institute published in the journals Carcinogenesis and Cancer Prevention Research – examined the effect of organic selenium compounds from garlic and Brazil nuts in the fight against human prostate and colon cancer cells. The selenium reactivated apparently disused Tumor-suppression genes, which the death of cancer cells caused.

Chlorophyll and selenium in the diet

Brazil nuts and garlic in the diet to include, is not difficult. Every day, large quantities of to absorb Chlorophyll, it can not be, however, more likely to be a Problem – but only if you know green Smoothies. With green Smoothies, it is so easy to drink liquid Chlorophyll and to give his body strength, vitality and health. Read about “Green Smoothies – the perfect meal”.

Chlorophyll in powder form

A further possibility is to take Chlorophyll in a very simple way, is made of organic wheat grass, spelt grass powder, barley grass powder, or better, barley grass juice powder. Into fruit Shakes or juices mixed one is supplied in this way, not only with the advantages of fresh fruit, but with all the benefits of the green vegetable dye.

If you are going to in addition, with high-quality antioxidants to stock, to strengthen its hormone balance with evening primrose oil to maintain the gut flora and to help his acid-base balance in a healthy balance, choose an herbal base powder on the Basis of antioxidant-rich ingredients (e.g., kernel flour, pomegranate powder, fenugreek powder, etc.) of grapes in combination with chlorophyll-rich spelt grass and barley grass powder. Read more: barley grass juice – The power drink

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