Bath and Body Works Has Tons of Hand Sanitizer in Stock Right Now — Including Scents You Can Only Buy Online

Bath and Body Works lovers, you’ll want to take advantage of this news. The personal care and home fragrance retailer currently has 20 hand sanitizer options in stock on its website — including exclusive scents that you can only get online.

While the retailer has been in and out of stock of its popular hand sanitizers over the last few months, there are plenty to shop from right now. Bath and Body Works has several different hand sanitizer choices, including larger bottles with pumps, one-ounce travel packs, and sprays. 

All of Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers include 62 to 80 percent ethyl alcohol, which meets the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention’s hand hygiene guidelines. (The brand also notes its products are free of toxic methanol.)

Buy It! Peach Bellini Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel, 7.6 Ounces, $5.50;; Stress Relief Eucalyptus Spearmint PocketBac Hand Sanitizer, 5 Pack, $8;

The sanitizers are available in a variety of the brand's well-known scents like Peach Bellini, Eucalyptus Spearmint, and Cucumber Melon. There are even a few exclusive scents that you won’t find in stores and can only snag online, including Cactus Blossom and Fresh Water & Aloe.

Buy It! French Lavender Hand Sanitizer Spray, $6.50;; Cucumber Melon Hand Sanitizer Spray, $6.50;

Shoppers love that Bath and Body Works’ hand sanitizers smell good and don’t leave their hands sticky. One customer raved that the French Lavender spray sanitizer is a worthwhile purchase, writing, “The smell of this lavender sanitizer on my hands is very refreshing, especially when at my job where I can’t immediately wash my hands… It’s such a big help and I feel clean every time.”

Below, shop more Bath and Body hand sanitizers, and check them all out here.

Buy It! Cactus Blossom PocketBac Hand Sanitizer, 5 Pack, $8;

Buy It! Eucalyptus Tea Hand Sanitizer Spray, $6.50;

Buy It! Fresh Water & Aloe PocketBac Hand Sanitizer, 5 Pack, $8;

Buy It! Black Cherry Merlot Hand Sanitizer, 7.6 Ounce, $5.50;

Buy It! Strawberry Pound Cake PocketBac Hand Sanitizer, 5 Pack, $8;

Buy It! Vanilla Coconut PocketBack Hand Sanitizer, 5 Pack, $8;

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