Baby dies after circumcision in Italy – it was only a few weeks old

Again, a Baby came in Italy after a circumcision at home died. The Boy was a few weeks old, reported Italian news agencies on Wednesday, citing investigators.

The mother and the grandmother of the child, should be asked to clarify as to who carried out the circumcision. The Nigerians had alerted the news Agency Ansa, according to the emergency doctor. The rescue workers were able to do when they Arrive but nothing for the Baby.

Incident occurred in the night on Wednesday

The incident occurred according to the Reports, on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday in Genoa. Both at the end of March as well as in December, had died in Italy in children as a result of a circumcision at home.

Mainly Muslim and Jewish families leave their children for hygienic and religious reasons crop. After the death of a five-month-old baby in March, there had been Appeals to parents, among others, by health Minister Giulia Grillo, circumcisions are not illegal.