7 Ways to Make Your Sex Life More Eco-Friendly

Just thinking about the climate crisis is enough to kill the mood. And the harsh reality is, your favorite sex toy is probably not eco-friendly. Most toys not only require batteries, which end up in landfills, but are also usually made with plastic or rubber, leaving a toxic carbon footprint that isn’t really sexy. So how do we help the earth as we get it on?

“Eco-Friendly sex means different things to different people,” sex expert and host of the Sex With Dr. Jess Podcast Jess O’Reilly tells SheKnows. “For some folks, being eco-friendly means choosing props, toys, lubes and condoms that minimize their impact on the planet. For others, eco-friendly sex involves minimizing harm in production — harm to the environment and to the workers.”

Luckily, from sex toys to lubricants to condoms, more natural and sustainable options have appeared in recent years to help our planet stay green as we stay sexually satisfied.

With that in mind, we rounded up some of the best sex toys to make your sex life eco-friendlier — and hotter in a good way.

Depalmo Hardwood Paddle in Maple and Walnut

If you’re into some fun S&M and need a lightweight paddle for a naughty bottom, then you might want to try this one by Lumberjill Crafts. The paddle is made of wood, and is finished in three coats of eco-friendly and body safe Walrus Oil (not from a real walrus), which means no harmful byproducts for you or for the planet.

Depalmo Hardwood Paddle in Maple and Walnut, $114.99 at Lumber Jill

Glyde Ultra Thin Condoms

Glyde is the world’s first certified non-toxic, ethical and fair-trade condom, and is the only condom certified by the Vegan Society. Made from a non-toxic formula of all natural ingredients, including non-GMO fair trade natural rubber, Glyde condoms are made to fit any size, and there are flavored ones too, so you’re bound to find the variety that works best for you and your partner.

Glyde Ultra Thin Condoms, $14.99 for 12 at GlydeAmerica.com

Leaf+ Vitality+ Vibrator

It’s been named the best eco-friendly sex toy brand: Leaf+ offers a range of rechargeable, silicone, Phthalate-free handheld vibrators that not only do some good for the environment, but, at least according to their rave reviews, do your body a lot of good, too. The Vitality+ has two pleasure buds, three speeds and two patterns, offering plenty to play with.

Leaf+ Vitality+ Vibrator, $125 at LeafVibes.com

Good Clean Love Almost Naked Organic Personal Lubricant

Good Clean Love’s lubricants are cruelty-free, certified organic and totally edible. Yummy! Another bonus? According to its website, Almost Naked became the first carbon neutral personal lubricant in 2018 — which means for every bottle of Almost Naked purchased, the company donates to a project that reduces greenhouse gases by an amount equivalent to that bottle’s carbon footprint.

Good Clean Love Almost Naked Organic Personal Lubricant, $11.99 at Good Clean Love

Prisms Hamsa Glass Dildo

A glass dildo is not only built to last a lifetime but it’s also fully recyclable. This dildo by Prisms is sleek and smooth, as well as hypoallergenic, heat and chemical-resistant, and latex and Phthalate-free, making just as healthy for you as it is for Mother Earth. Tip: warm it up by placing it in warm water or cool it down by putting it in the freezer for a few minutes.

Prisms Hamsa Glass Dildo, $28 at Wildflower Sex

Solar Bullet Vibrator

This solar-powered vibrator is designed for you to “get off on saving the planet” — literally. Eight hours of exposure to the sun provides one hour of bliss for this tiny-but-mighty toy (which is also great if you’re feeling a little frisky while camping). And because it doesn’t require electricity or batteries, it’s good for both the environment and your wallet.

Solar Bullet Vibrator, $34 at Babeland

Underprotection Purple Lima Recycled Lace Bikini Undies

Looking for something sexy and lacy that doesn’t leave a huge footprint? You’ll love these sexy recycled polyester lace undies that are eco-friendly, fair-trade made and certified by Oeko-Tex, which verifies that textiles and fabrics are safe and free of harmful chemicals.

Underprotection Purple Lima Recycled Lace Bikini Undies, $34 at Azura Bay

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