The Challenge's Melinda Stolp Reveals She Suffered a Pregnancy Loss: 'We Are Devastated'

Melinda Collins (née Stolp) is mourning the loss of her daughter.

On Wednesday, the former The Real World and The Challenge star shared the heartbreaking news that she and husband Matt Collins "found out that our baby passed away about 3.5 weeks ago."

Melinda — who announced the pregnancy in February — said she had a checkup four weeks ago and her baby "had a strong heart and everything was going fine," but she "wasn't feeling her move as much" in the days following the appointment.

"Monday, I had my 20 week anatomy ultrasound and that's when we found out she was gone," Melinda wrote in a lengthy statement shared on her Instagram. "I have so many questions as to why? No woman should have to go through this pain. No man should have to go through this pain also, because even though my husband wasn't carrying or delivering her, this was his baby too and I know he is hurting as much as I am."

"Yesterday I had to deliver her… I had to endure the pain of contractions and a full deliver to my previous baby girl and then not be able to take her home with us," she continued in her post. "Life is hard… Life can really suck sometimes. Seeing her tiny little perfectly formed features and knowing I'll never get to kiss her or feel her heart beat against my chest while rocking her to sleep. My husband doesn't get to have a daddy's girl who has him wrapped around her finger."

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While Melinda said she and her husband are "devastated" over the loss, they are finding comfort in their 16-month-old son, Camden.

"We are devastated. We are suffering. But, we are lucky and fortunate to have our beautiful son," she wrote. "I know a lot of women don' even get the chance to have one child. I have had the opportunity to have three pregnancies. Luckily one of those produced a beautiful healthy baby, who truly is the light of our lives."

Melinda also said she's been fortunate to "have an amazing husband who is my rock through it all and our friends and family have been incredible support systems."

Still, according to Melinda, she's been emotionally devastated since since learning the news of the loss.

"I had awful day-long morning sickness for months and it hurts my heart to know that once I was finally feeling better, it was because she had passed," she shared. "None of this is fair."

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Melinda went on to say that it's "crazy to think that women endure this all the time" and how they "are left with little to no answers."

"I never thought that at 5 months I could've lost my baby. But it happens," she said. "I am still reeling from the past 48 hours and I honestly don't know when I'll be back to any sort of inkling of my normal self… but if you have gone through this just know I am with you… we can hurt together. Us women are strong."

"To think what I've just gone through and to now be on the other side if wild. And I know, time heals…" Melinda added.

She concluded her heartbreaking message with a note about her baby, reading, "She will always be loved and remembered fondly… never forgotten 😔 Mommy and Daddy love you."

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