Justin Baldoni Hopes His Two Kids Take After His Wife – but Get His 'Sense of Humor'

Justin Baldoni has high hopes for his two children.

Appearing on the cover of Mini magazine‘s Summer 2019 issue alongside his wife Emily and their kids — son Maxwell Roland-Samuel, 21 months, and daughter Maiya Grace, 4 — the Jane the Virgin star opened up about how he hopes his little ones will take after their mom as they get older.

“I hope they grow up and have much more of her than me,” shared Baldoni, 35, adding that he’ll make an exception for one particular quality of his.

“But I hope they have my sense of humor because I’m definitely funnier,” the actor remarked.

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Opening up about how he and Emily, 34, work together to raise their children, Baldoni had nothing but praise for his wife, calling her “a real-life angel with an intuition that I rely on for everything.”

“If the world were right-side up, mothers would be the real celebrities,” he told Mini.

Returning the sweet sentiment, Emily highlighted one of her husband’s most wonderful qualities as a father.

“Justin has an incredible way of bringing magic to the smallest moments,” she explained. “The kids’ eyes light up whenever he comes into the room.”

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Despite the couple’s individual qualities, Baldoni added that their biggest strength is how well they work together to parent their children.

“Our unique superpower as parents is just that — coming together and truly co-parenting,” he explained.

That talent of theirs definitely comes in handy when looking after their two kids, who seem to have an inexhaustible supply of energy.

“Why don’t they get tired?! And why won’t they go to sleep?!” Baldoni joked of raising the sibling pair.

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Baldoni is not a stranger to praising his wife on social media. Last month, just one day after celebrating their daughter’s birthday, the actor shared a loving tribute to Emily for giving him “the gift of fatherhood.”

“This picture says it all,” Baldoni wrote alongside a shot of Emily playing with their two children in the water.

“Yesterday was Maiya’s 4th birthday. It was surprisingly emotional for me. I’m still filled with so much gratitude — especially for my wife who gave me the gift of fatherhood,” he continued. “You hold the key to my heart.”

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Opening up about how much Emily means to him, Baldoni shared that his tribute was for his millions of followers “because I’ve already told you and more than anything hopefully showed you in private.”

“Thank you for bringing our children into this world, for your daily sacrifice, and for teaching me so much every day about what it looks like to love unconditionally,” he continued.

“I’m sorry I can often times be like a third child you have to take care of,” Baldoni joked. “But thank God you have the patience and capacity in your heart to hold so much of my stuff while somehow balancing the physical and emotional needs of our kids.”

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