Breastfeeding is still best

(HealthDay)—The benefits of breastfeeding are wide-ranging. For baby, they include protection against infections and illnesses, including asthma, as well as reducing the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Babies breastfed for six months are

The Scary Truth About Your Toddler & TV

It’s a truth universally acknowledged: Kids love cartoons. Whether they’re watching a movie or dancing along to toddler tunes, it’s pretty much always a hit. But a new study just revealed all that screen time

5 Snarky Instagram Moms We Love

It’s not that we’re against parenting “influencers,” it’s just… OK, maybe we totally are, because Jesus Christ, most of that shit ain’t real. Don’t lay your sponsored fit/glowy/detoxed perfect mommy content at our feet like