Diagnosis of food poisoning

Food poisoning is usually a mild illness that may resolve on its own after a bout of stomach upset. However, in some cases it might be more serious needing therapy. Symptoms of food poisoning like

Dyskeratosis Congenita Genetics

Dyskeratosis congenita is a rare form of bone marrow failure, where the bone marrow fails to produce enough blood cells. The condition is therefore usually diagnosed based on a low number of circulating red blood

Side Effects of Radiation Therapy?

Radiation therapy offers a great benefit in the treatment of cancerous tumors, due to its ability to damage DNA needed for the replication of quickly multiplying tumor cells. However, the normal cells in the human

Beta-Carotene Side Effects

Until recently, beta carotene was not thought to be toxic to humans. High levels of plasma beta carotene (hypercarotenemia) have not been associated with adverse side effects apart form causing a yellowing of the skin

Cystinosis Genetics

Cystinosis is an inborn error of metabolism which leads to the abnormal accumulation of an amino acid called cystine in the lysosomes of cells. Cystinosis is therefore a type of lysosomal storage disease. The condition

What is Rhinovirus?

The “rhino” in rhinovirus is derived from the Greek for “nose” and these viruses are the most common infective virus to cause the common cold in humans. Rhinovirus describes species that belongs to the enterovirus

Sickle Cell Disease Carriers

Sickle cell disease carriers, also sometimes referred to as people with sickle cell trait, are individuals that carry a single gene mutation for sickle cell disease. Carriers do not tend to have any symptoms and

Skin Cancer Causes

There are several risk factors that raise the propensity to get skin cancers by manifold. The exact cause why DNA damage occurs and why cancer results from such DNA damage is not known clearly but

Lymph nodes and Disease

Lymph nodes are filters in the lymphatic system that sieve out infectious material as well as toxins that come via the lymphatic channels. These may be affected commonly by certain diseases or conditions. The diseases