Designing Dementia-Friendly Environments

Aging and dementiaCreating a safe environmentReferences Further reading As the global population continues to age, the prevalence of dementia has similarly risen. With more dementia patients living at home, caregivers must be equipped with accurate information

What is Melorheostosis?

Cause and symptomsGeneticsEpidemiologyCase reportDiagnosis and treatmentReferencesFurther reading Melorheostosis, also known as Leri disease, is a rare non-genetic sclerotic bone disease. The name melorheostosis is made from the combination of three Greek words: melos (limb), rhein

Neurodiversity in Healthcare

Areas of neurodiversity in healthcareHealthcare workersPatientsConclusion References Further reading  Recent thinking is that there is no ‘normal’ for the human brain or the human thought processes. Despite the numerous diagnostic criteria for mental illness and psychiatric disorders,