Neurodiversity in Healthcare

Areas of neurodiversity in healthcareHealthcare workersPatientsConclusion References Further reading  Recent thinking is that there is no ‘normal’ for the human brain or the human thought processes. Despite the numerous diagnostic criteria for mental illness and psychiatric disorders,

The Psychological Strain of Chronic Physical Illness

What is a chronic illness, and how does it affect our mental health?How can the psychological strain of chronic physical illness be treated?How does chronic illness affect caregivers?ConclusionReferencesFurther reading Chronic physical illness is psychologically draining

What is Sleep Regression?

IntroductionHow Much Sleep do Babies Need?When does Sleep Regression Occur?What Biological Pathways Cause Sleep Regression?Sleep Regression is a Developmental SteppingstoneReferencesFurther Reading  Sleep regression refers to a period of change in sleeping patterns experienced by babies.