Bacterial Skin Infections: What are they?

IntroductionPathophysiology of bacterial skin infectionsPrimary bacterial skin infectionsSecondary bacterial skin infectionsReferences Bacterial skin infections (also known as pyodermas) can be caused by a wide array of bacteria – most commonly by either staphylococci or streptococci,

Watch: Explaining the Nitty-Gritty of Medicare Drug Price Negotiations — And Patients’ Potential Savings Julie Rovner, KHN’s chief Washington correspondent, joined PBS NewsHour’s Laura Barrón-López on Friday to discuss Senate Democrats’ proposals to let Medicare negotiate some drug prices, cap out-of-pocket drug costs for seniors and continue funding

Virtualization within Healthcare; Why is it Important?

IntroductionShifting the industry towards Virtualization and DigitalizationEmerging Technologies that enable VirtualizationUtility of Virtualization Technologies in HealthcareThe Value of a Virtual PresenceAugmented RealityUtility within healthcare'Nixi for Kids''I'm going to have a transplant'Concluding thoughtsReferences The transition of

The Health Effects of Severe Caloric Restriction

IntroductionThe Effect of Severe Caloric Restriction on MetabolismThe Effect of Severe Caloric Restriction on Nutritional QualityThe Effect of Severe Caloric Restriction on FertilityThe Effect of Severe Caloric Restriction on ImmunityThe Benefits Of Moderate And Intermittent

Should I get the Flu Shot?

IntroductionWhat is influenza?Influenza vaccinationWho should get the influenza vaccine?Who should not get the influenza vaccine?Who should not get the nasal spray influenza vaccine?Can influenza vaccines cause respiratory illness?Influenza vaccination during COVID-19 pandemicReferencesFurther reading Influenza is

Nutrition for Trying to Get Pregnant

Some studies have shown that dietary pattern has a significant effect on fertility. Of particular importance are certain vitamins and fats. However, much remains to be elucidated, and further research on the most promising results