DpHue Unveils Direct Sales App for Hairdressers

DpHue is looking to disrupt the traditional salon distribution model.
The hair brand, which primarily sells products designed to maintain color in between salon visits and operates a hybrid hair salon/content studio in Beverly Hills, has released an app for salon professionals to sell product directly to clients.
The DpHue Pro app was designed with booth renters and stylists who operate independently from a salon in mind — it allows them to order product for clients directly from a mobile device without investing in inventory first. Salon pros receive a 35 percent commission on each sale, which is higher than a typical salon commission and paid out via PayPal every two weeks. The app is designed solely for use by licensed cosmetologists — users have to enter their license numbers in order to gain access.
"It's been a big problem in the salon industry for a while — salons aren't offering much commission to their stylists. Here in Los Angeles they keep it pretty low, usually under 10 percent," said Justin Anderson, celebrity hair colorist and DpHue's cofounder and creative director. " you can sell as a little or as much as you want and you can make extra money. It doesn't even have to be in the salon — hairdressers talk about products all day. Anyone a hairdresser comes into contact with is going to ask, 'What products should I be using?'"
DpHue continues to operate a wholesale web site where salon professionals can purchase inventory at 50 percent off. The app, which the brand is advertising through its social channels as well as Anderson's, was designed to address the changing salon world, where many hairdressers are operating independently from salons, finding clients via Instagram and consumers are increasingly used to shopping online.
"We're taking stock of where the current barriers are in the market, and we took away all the penalties that exist for salon professionals that sell product — they don't have to carry inventory and they can leverage their relationship with the client," said Martin Okner, DpHue president and chief operating officer. "We fulfill it and they earn a bigger commission than they would in salons."
To kick off the app launch, DpHue is hosting a sweepstakes — the first three app users to earn $500 in commission win a trip to DpHue House in Los Angeles to meet and work with Anderson for a day.
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