Christian Louboutin Beauty Appoints Global Brand Ambassador

Christian Louboutin Beauty is beefing up its roster.
Last week, the beauty brand unveiled Isamaya Ffrench as its global makeup artist. Today, it reveals its first global brand ambassador, model Mica Argañaraz.
“Mica possesses a very unique and intriguing kind of beauty," said Christian Louboutin, the man, in a statement. "She’s modern, she’s creative, she’s tomboyish yet very feminine. Mica also has a playful attitude — I think it’s the artist in her. She has something wild but also expresses her freedom, her point of view and her intelligence. She’s a single character, douce but yet very decided. She’s also an avid traveler coming from South America, which is a thing that I love. There are so many facets to Mica that make her the perfect global brand ambassador for Christian Louboutin Beauty."
As global brand ambassador, Argañaraz will appear in forthcoming campaigns, the first of which debuts in June. She won't be collaborating on product, though she will promote the brand in stores and on social media, where she has 164,000 Instagram followers.
Speaking via phone, Argañaraz shared that she's most looking forward to working with Louboutin and his creative team.
"I always think the brand is colorful and creative, so I think it is a great fit," she said. "My role is to embody the brand’s vision the best I can. Through this role, I’d like to encourage women to pursue their passions and find what makes them feel beautiful, whatever that is."
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