Lifting Weights Can Cut Your Cancer Risk by 25%

There are countless reasons to strength train: Lifting weights helps you power up hills, build bones, improve your blood sugar control, ward off heart disease, and prevent increases in health-wrecking belly fat. A growing body

Glowing tumors show scientists where cancer drugs are working: The glow could someday help us use cancer drugs more efficiently

Experimenting with mice, Johns Hopkins researchers report they have successfully used positron emission tomography (PET) scans to calculate in real time how much of an immunotherapy drug reaches a tumor and what parts of a

Researchers 3D bio-print a model that could lead to improved anticancer drugs and treatments: Researchers create the first 3D in vitro model capable of isolating specific metastatic cells

University of Minnesota researchers have developed a way to study cancer cells which could lead to new and improved treatment. They have developed a new way to study these cells in a 3D in vitro