Workplace safety can worsen under bullying bosses

A new Portland State University study suggests that bullying bosses aren’t just bad for employee morale and well-being — they can also be bad for workplace safety. Liu-Qin Yang, an associate professor of industrial-organizational psychology

‘Trash talk’ really can put players off their game: Study found trash talk negatively affects the game performance of a competitor

The 1986 NBA All-Star game in Dallas had the first three-point shooting contest, when eight all-stars were selected for the competition. Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics, who was known as a trash talker, walked

Seven moral rules found all around the world: Is it good to cooperate? Testing the theory of morality-as-cooperation in 60 societies

Anthropologists at the University of Oxford have discovered what they believe to be seven universal moral rules. The rules: help you family, help your group, return favors, be brave, defer to superiors, divide resources fairly,