5 Reasons Why Female Friendships Are Vital For Your Health

A close-knit group of trusted friends is important for everyone’s health, but women, in particular, can benefit from their female friendships. To celebrate International Women’s Day, LYSN Psychologist Breanna Jayne Sada has explained five benefits of female

The tiny tweaks that can age-proof your BRAIN

The tiny tweaks that age-proof your BRAIN: From changing radio stations to avoiding tubby friends, a neuroscientist reveals the small life changes that create new grey matter The brain is constantly changing, sculpted by our

Seven moral rules found all around the world: Is it good to cooperate? Testing the theory of morality-as-cooperation in 60 societies

Anthropologists at the University of Oxford have discovered what they believe to be seven universal moral rules. The rules: help you family, help your group, return favors, be brave, defer to superiors, divide resources fairly,

Smartphones could help detect heart conditions

A smartphone-based heart monitor could be up to five times more effective at diagnosing heart rhythm problems than standard tests, research suggests. Using the technology could also help emergency departments working within the NHS save