Dangerous Sport Trend

In the third case, the family doctor in Scotland, it is suspicious. She had never seen or read that such a disease stories pile up so much. In addition, all three of the young patients

After I have PE or team sports, I smell really bad. I have a PE shirt to change into, I put deodorant on before and after the class starts and I take showers everyday but sometimes while in class I randomly start to sweat. What can I do so I don’t smell bad?

Thanks for your question! This is a question we hear a lot from kids your age, so rest assured you’re not alone in your concern! Most likely, the reason that you are sweating more is

Lack of sleep makes us see black

Who has slept poorly, according to a new study by the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, other emotions: A sleepless night, not only that we are tired and easily distracted, but also allows us to the